Why MustBook?

As Ireland’s leading Corporate Booking Agency you can be assured of the same exacting standards adhered to within your organisation. Our team of hotel industry trained professionals will guide and advise you and your personnel on every step of the booking process. Each enquiry is met with an unbiased and informed response which will lead you to the most suitable and cost effective solution.

We will amalgamate all of your current and varied payment procedures across the entire scope of your travel requirements by replacing individual hotel invoices and expense claims with a master MustBook invoice.

Above all the MustBook Hotel Management Programme can offer instant savings to organisations no matter what your size or hotel usage.

We know the time involved in searching for and contacting hotels, negotiating and comparing rates, sometimes within an area you may already know.

Setting up individual accounts with hotels can be tedious and costly. Why bring that unnecessary stress on yourself when MustBook will take this work load off your desk?

Mustbook – the PA’s PA

If your current hotel spend is paid by company credit card, employee expenses or accounts with multiple hotels, then stop.

Amalgamate and save.

Benefit from MustBook’s economies of scale with reduced hotel rates and customised management information reports.

As the guest you will receive automated notification confirming your hotel stay – at MustBook we are all about making life simple and stress free.

Our team of industry experts are on hand to answer your queries and to suggest the most suitable hotel for your requirements.

MustBook’s Hotel Management Programme is a Financial Controller’s dream. We save the entire finance department hundreds of hours annually with our bespoke PO and single invoicing system.
  • Reduce your vendor numbers
  • Bespoke invoicing – per cost codes/managers/projects
  • Reduction in company credit card spend
  • Single PO and rolling PO numbers
  • Eradication of employee expense claims
  • Savings reports for hotel accommodation

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